This Thursday through Sunday I will be up in Eagle River for an Indie Horror Movie Weekend.

So in honor of that, here’s five Horror books to devour.


Nos4a2 by Joe Hill

This book is excellent. There are so many different aspects to this story that I can’t begin to describe it in a brief blurb. Charlie Manx is a child killer, Vic can find things by riding her bike through a bridge. Vic stumbles into Christmasland where there are creepy children that Manx made. And an epic end battle between good and evil.


John Dies at the End by David Wong

This book is not for everyone. But if you like it, you will try to push it to as many people as you know. And I liked it.

John and David take the drug, soy sauce, and go an a hellish trip with monsters and bugs. A trip that does not end, even when they think it did. It is creepy. I actually turned the lights on in the bathroom at night for about a week after reading it.


Dracula by Bram Stoker

Yes, it’s been made into movies numerous times. For good reason. It continues to be a frightening story. I read a copy with copious amounts of footnotes, and it added even more to the story. If you can find a version with lots of footnotes, that’s the one to get.

wicked 2

Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury

A horror book whose main characters are teenagers often make for a great story. Maybe because the teen years are scary enough without adding a supernatural factor to them.

Jim and William, 13 year olds, encounter a traveling carnival that comes to their small Midwestern town in October. The carnival’s ring leader can grant you your most secret desire.

And we know that nothing bad could ever come from that, don’t we?!?


The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

You’ve probably seen the movie. And while the book is usually better than the movie (and in this case it is), I thinking watching the movie first and then reading the book, makes the book better because you get to hear all the parts of Hannibal in the voice of Anthony Perkins.

There are so many memorable scenes, and the motivations behind Agent Sterling and Hannibal make for a great read. I can go for a nice Chianti any day.

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