Usually the original is better, but some remakes are pretty decent.

The new writer or director has taken something they love, and added their own spin.


The Hills Have Eyes

This is one of the most disturbing mainstream horror movies, at least to me.

The scene where one of the actors is nursing on a woman still gives me the heebie jeebies.



While the original Halloween is, and always will be a classic, Rob Zombie’s reinterpretation is great.

If John Carpenter had the tools available in 2007, back in 1978, I could see him doing similar scenes.


A Nightmare on Elm Street

The original Elm Street will always be near and dear to me, starting me on my love of horror movies.

So I was wary of a remake, but I enjoyed it. This one is much darker and less campy, taking the child molestation story line and developing it.


Evil Dead

While no one will ever be able to replace Bruce Campbell, this version was amazing when it comes to disturbingly graphic scenes.

And starting on October 31, Campbell will be back in a TV called Ash vs. Evil Dead on Starz.


My Bloody Valentine

For me, Jensen Ackles is the reason this remake is so good.

I saw the original when I was about 12 and the remake came out about 20 years later, so I didn’t remember much of it.

But I did remember being freaked out by the gas mask, and still was when I watched the remake.

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