For the month of October, I joined a 31 Days of Horror Movies challenge. But book, wine, and tea reviews will be back in November.


American Horror Story : Freakshow (2014)

I’m always a year behind on AHS because we don’t have cable, and I’ve only watched two episodes so far, but I’m enjoying it for the most part.

A couple of things that are annoying me a bit; Dandy (but is the fact that I want to throttle him a sign that he is a good actor??) And since he made friends with The Clown, I’m thinking if he does get killed, it won’t be for a bit.

The Clown is another thing. As of now he just seems out of place (although his standing around on the sidelines, looking like Michael Myers, is amusing.) It feels as if they just added him in to have someone to up the murder/gore factor. I hope that his backstory fits in with the freaks.

And super minor, but Kathy Bates accent is driving me nuts. Makes me sad since she is such a wonderful actress.

I know a lot of people didn’t like this season or the one before, but I’m excited to see where it goes.

Update: I have two episodes left, and I really like this season. And Dandy has redeemed himself…. he may even be my favorite character!

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