For the month of October, I joined a 31 Days of Horror Movies challenge. But book, wine, and tea reviews will be back in November.


Trophy Heads (2014)

When this movie started I thought it was going to suck, but it quickly turned itself around. The acting of Adam Noble Roberts, Maria Olsen, Jacqueline Lovell, and Denice Duff (especially the last two) was excellent.

When Denice and Jackie were sniping back and forth at each other about their acting abilities, it was 100% believable. Adam made it seem like talking to disembodied heads was a perfectly normal thing to do. And the mom, Maria, wow! I know parents will do almost anything for their kids, but she goes way beyond.

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting a horror movie actress, and improving upon your favorite movie with her in it, then this movie if for you. And you know many a fan boy, has had this dream.


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