Title: Every Little Kiss
Author: Kim Amos
Publisher: Forever
Release Date: October 27, 2015
Pages: 352
Book Source: Paperback



Eternal good girl Casey Tanner moved to White Pine for a fresh start. Her mission: to finally have fun. And a fling with a reckless bad boy is the very first item on the to-do list she pretended not to make. After one long, lingering look at a sexy firefighter, Casey has found her man.


Getting women into his bed has never been a problem for Abe Cameron. Letting one into his heart is an entirely different matter. But just one kiss, just one touch, just one smile from beautiful Casey has this lifelong bachelor flirting with the idea of forever. And Casey’s refusal to settle down only makes Abe more determined than ever to win her heart. Now the one woman who can’t be caught is the only one Abe can’t live without . . .

My Review:

I don’t remember ever reading a Contemporary Romance with the main character being a fireman. I know they’re out there, and after reading the third book in Kim Amos, White Pine series, I’m going to have to remedy that.

The basic gist is that Casey hasn’t had a lot of lovers, and her previous one was a total ass. She wants to broaden her horizons sexually, and after meeting Abe during a fire call at her workplace, she eventually decides she’ll do it with him. She does need a bit of encouragement from her sister and the group of ladies that she gets together to eat and share recipes with.

Abe feels an immediate attraction to Casey, so when she propositions him, he’s all for it. He’s known for being a player, so the moves he uses on Casey have been perfected, and make for some great steamy scenes!

But then feelings and emotions start creeping in. They both don’t want to lose what they have, but they also want more. Unfortunately neither one communicates this very well, so there are some drawn out spots when I wanted to throttle one, and sometimes both, of the characters.

Amos does a great job developing the characters, and the town of White Pine. Her secondary characters really help to add depth and humor to the novel. I’ll need to find time to read the previous novels in this series, especially And Then He Kissed Me, since Casey mentions bits of her relationship with her sister, Audrey, and how she tried to keep Audrey and the love of her life apart. Sister drama, is there any more intense?!?

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