Title: Absolute Sunset
Author: Kata Mlek
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 20, 2015
Pages: 240
Book Source: eBook


Among the crumbling and stained apartments of the Millenium estates, a malevolent force torments a young girl with premonitions of suffering and death, but offers her a choice.

She can sit by and watch as her loved ones are killed in increasingly unlikely and gruesome accidents. Or she can play the raven’s game: solve his riddles, unlock the meaning of her premonitions, and warn people before it’s too late.

Will the raven play by the rules? Or is she just another of his victims, the slowest kill of all?

My Review:

The book was amazing. There are so many layers to it, that rereading it a second time would surely bring even more insights into the story. This was a very dark, surreal book, and if you are looking for a happy ending, then you may be disappointed. But I really enjoyed the book because it shows the truth about life, that you don’t always get a happy ending. In fact, sometimes your entire life may really suck.

We get to know the family slowly as Mlek pulls back their layers. While the mother is abusive, and I never feel sorry for her, the path to finding out why she is, takes lots of interesting twists and turns. The way Mlek shows the complexity of this character, and actually all of them is, is done so well, and I really love that the author didn’t pull any punches.  

While this is mainly a psychological thriller, there are horror elements as well. They are graphic, but go perfectly with the story. Mlek didn’t write gore, just to write it. There is also a touch of the supernatural interweaved too. Although the raven is in the entire story, I would say it isn’t until the last third of the book that he really begins playing his game. And once he did, it pulled me even deeper into the story. I love a good mystery, and trying to figure out what was going to happen before it did, was entertaining.

I also really liked the Mlek told us about the various tragedies that she used in her book, at the end. Getting more insight into these events of death and destruction, added yet another layer to her book. I highly recommend this book, and know it will be one that will stay with me for a long time.

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