Title: Ascent
Author: M.T. Miller
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 15, 2016
Book Source: eBook


You are walking along a railroad track through the wasteland. You are alone. You have no name. Your pockets contain a fortune in money taken from your opponents, as well as their weapons.
You have been walking for some time, and your stamina is draining—you need to kill someone soon.
Behind you: the grave you rose from, a massacre of your doing, and the lifeless body of your only friend. Somewhere before you: the mysterious Pyramid that might hold the secret to your past and abilities.
The Pyramid appears on the horizon, a massive structure containing four levels. You must make your way to the top to have a chance of discovering your identity. You approach the gate, manned by armed guards. What do you do next?

My Review:

Book two in the Nameless Chronicles picks up right after the ending of the first book, Risen. (You can find my review here.) While Risen is a shorter book (87 pages), Ascent is much more fleshed out.

Once again the action scenes, which there are plenty, were very well written. A lot of times I’ll skim over these parts in books, but I followed along with most of them, and they made sense. There was no, how could that be possible, moments. Horace Bones, the main character, actually gets hurt, and it takes effort for him to be able to continue on.

We also meet a bunch of new characters, Rush, whom is chemically modified, being my favorite. There is also a dominatrix, whom I wish Miller would have wrote more detail as to what was going on in the torture chamber. I think there could have been lots of potential for some well written, if not dark and disturbing scenes. And I do think people who choose to read this series would be able to handle it. Perhaps Miller will in future books, or even write a novella focusing on her. With the fantasy world that’s been created, there are so many possibilities for character spin-off books.

And depending on how deep you want to think about the themes in this book, there are quite a few. Some of the themes include castes, body modification, and how much control is really yours. I could easily see a student having a field day writing a report on this book.

Another great book in this series, and I look forward to future books from Miller.

According to Miller’s blog:

“For the first two days after release, Ascent will be temporarily priced at $0.99. During that time, Risen will be free to download, so everyone will be able to get both books at barely any cost.

For those of you who would like a chance to get Ascent free as well, there will be another way. The first twenty (perhaps more) people who subscribe to my mailing list (click here) will receive Ascent completely free of charge on the day of release. I will gift it to them via Amazon.

Why? Because I like people to read me, that’s why.”

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