Title: Emelie
Genre: Thriller
Release Date: May 3, 2016
Rating: NR
Time: 82 minutes


As their parents head out for a date in the city, the three young Thompson children immediately take to their new babysitter Anna (Sarah Bolger, Into the Badlands, Once Upon a Time), who seems like a dream come true: she’s sweet, fun, and lets them do things that break all of their parents rules. But as Anna’s interactions with them take on a more sinister tone, the kids realize that their caretaker may not be who she claims to be, and soon it s up to big brother Jacob to protect his siblings from the increasingly nefarious intentions of a very disturbed woman.

My Review:

So many disturbing situations in this film. Whenever you mix kids into a movie, it can either get creepy (Children of the Corn), or you feel really bad for the manipulated children, which was the case for this film.

Sarah Bolger does an excellent job going from nice girl next door to psycho babysitter. And all the kids do a great job too, especially Thomas Bair, who plays the littlest brother, Christopher.

I wouldn’t classify this one as horror, but more as a psychological thriller. Although it didn’t have a lot of tension, I still was transfixed, waiting to see what fresh hell Emelie would do to the children next. I really enjoyed it, and would have given it five stars, but there were some holes in the plot that were pretty big (especially towards the end), and a couple of things that weren’t really explained.

There are scenes that involve sexual situations with the children, that may really be a trigger for some folks. If this is you, you may want to skip this one. But otherwise, I say give this one a watch.

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