Title: Final Sentence
Author: Daryl Wood Gerber
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: July 2, 2013
Pages: 305
Book Source: Mass Market Paperback


As a marketing expert, Jenna wants to make sure the grand opening of the Cookbook Nook draws a crowd, and no one is better at getting attention than her old college roommate, celebrity chef Desiree Divine. But when Desiree arrives in quiet Crystal Cove to do a cookbook signing, the diva stirs up more trouble than business…especially when she turns up dead.

Known for stealing husbands and burning bridges, Desiree left behind plenty of suspects–including Jenna. Though the celebrity’s life always appeared to be an open book, Jenna will have to read between the lines in order to clear her name, and catch a killer before another body is served cold.

My Review:

A new year is upon us, and with is comes lots of resolutions. The most common is to eat less, but the first book in the Cookbook Nook Mystery series, makes it very hard to hold yourself to that vow. Not only does it have some delicious recipes in the back, but the food descriptions throughout made my mouth water. Add to that some new characters and a warm location, and this book is nothing short of scrumptious.

Daryl Wood Gerber does a fantastic job with giving the reader just enough questionable characters, that you can easily keep second guessing yourself when it comes to who killed Desiree Divine.

I will admit that Jenna was my least favorite. While she was written well, she just didn’t have anything that really made her stand out to me. I really enjoyed Jenna’s Aunt Vera, who was quirky and has her third eye wide open, and the store chef, Katie. She just seems like the kind of woman I would want to hang out with while enjoying good food, wine, and gossip.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series, Inherit the Word.

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