Title: DreaganStar
Author: Nan Klee
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Pages: 280
Book Source: eBook

Samantha Alexander is the Senior Psychologist of the five Dreagan Corporation lunar colonies. She is given the task of proving Jonathan Dreagan, the founder, the brilliant scientist and Chairman of the Board to be insane. It would be an easy task but for the fact that Dreagan is the originator of all of the technology around her, still a brilliant scientist, and the man she is rapidly falling in love with.

My Review:

Sci-Fi, Mystery, Romance and Legal Thriller all wrapped up in the first book of this trilogy, made for an interesting book. While a decent read on the whole, I found myself confused at various points.

I don’t usually put spoilers in my reviews, but I have to in order for my confusion to make some sense.

So…. Spoilers Ahead.

I understood that once the court case began Samantha and Jonathan had to distance themselves so the board would not know that they were more than just doctor and patient. But it was not at all necessary since Jonathan had asked various people on the board to find him a mate. So even though the case was against him, I really saw no reason why he had to act aggressive towards Sam.

I know a lot of Romance writers use the trope of “I love him, now I hate him, now I can’t let him know I’m still in love with him”, and it kind of felt like this is how Klee was trying to make their romance go. But for me it didn’t work at all. And I just kept wondering what was the point, since they were obviously together, and would continue to be together.

Also Sam gets intimate with a past lover and has a plan to get revenge for him leaving her. Either it went right over my head as to what happened, or perhaps Nan Klee will be putting it in the next book, but I couldn’t figure out how she got revenge. She just acted a bit more standoffish to him after the trial. If Klee is planning on telling us in the next book, then there should be some sort of warning that it will be coming.

Those were my two biggest problems, and they took up a lot of the book. As far as the science and colonization of the moon went, that storyline and details were very interesting to read. Klee’s character development is very good, and I really enjoyed the relationship with Sam and her uncle.

Although this book was just okay, I do see a lot of potential in the trilogy, and it will be interesting to see where the next book leads.

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