Title: Siren
Genre: Horror/Supernatural
DVD Release Date: December 6, 2016
Rating: NR
Time: 83 minutes

One week before his big wedding day, Jonah and his groomsmen hit the town for a wild night of club hopping and debauchery. The night soon takes a twisted turn for the worse when the group is invited to the seedy underground club, 50 North 40 West, a home to the sexy side of the supernatural. After Jonah frees a seemingly imprisoned dancer, he soon realizes that the woman he has released is actually a terrifying creature of legend that will stop at nothing to claim her man. Jonah and his groomsmen soon find themselves in a deadly fight for their lives as they run from the fabled predator and the men who are determined to recapture her.

My Review:

This movie was excellent. If you enjoy horror movies, you should watch it.

Although I wish you would take my advice, some people need a little more persuading, so….

I went into this movie blind, not having seen any trailers or reviews. Mermaids are my favorite mythical creature, so as soon as I saw the title, I wanted to watch it. I was a bit taken aback because this siren is not a mermaid, but a demon that can use her voice like aquatic sirens. I was easily able to look past that this siren had wings instead of a tail.

Justin Welborn did an amazing job as Mr. Nyx. Even his outfit was perfect, and usually I would think someone wearing that is a bit douchey, but he pulled it off.

Once the bachelor party gets into the mansion things start getting really strange and takes a very dark turn. There’s more than just a lap dance or two, and they bring it right out onto to the stage. (No hiding the debauchery behind closed doors!)

The kill scenes, along with the blood and gore, were done well. And as a woman, who has seen lots of violence and rape towards women in movies, it was an interesting turn of events to have this done to men instead.

And although the ending concluded how I figured it would, there was still a small twist, which I enjoyed.

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