Title: One God: The Last Man
Author: Kata Mlek
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Pages: 232
Book Source: eBook

Freed from prison, Will Smart commits every last dollar of his considerable wealth to destroying Genesis. Along the way, he gains an unlikely ally, with connections in the highest of high places.

Meanwhile, not content with merely controlling the food supply, Genesis expands into new ventures, attracting the attention of big players that had previously remained neutral.

Every move is matched by a counter-move in this high-stakes game of corporate espionage. Alliances are formed and betrayed, tables are turned, and everything comes to head with a declaration of war from the most unlikely source imaginable.

My Review:

I was first introduced to Kata Mlek when I read her novel, Absolute Sunset. This is a fantastic book, that I continually recommend to people who enjoy dark psychological thriller, with some horror elements. When I found out she had the One God trilogy, I was excited to read it. You can find my review for the first book in the One God trilogy, The Will to Power, here.

In the second book in the trilogy, Mlek is giving us a fast paced thriller once again. We catch up with the bad guys from the previous book, and meet a couple more. Flins is one of them, and he has no conscience. As long as he can experiment how he wants, all is good in the, but if not…. And this time not only do we see corruption in the food industry with GMOs, but they have branched into Big Pharma. Does this sound familiar to anyone?!?

But with any great society, you will have people who rebel, trying to thwart the plans with espionage, and trying to sabotage whatever they can. But Mlek isn’t afraid to show the dark side of human nature, and while I don’t want to give anything away, there will be blood and death. Mlek even includes this;

Warning: Contains strong language and scenes of violence. For mature readers only.

Another heart pounding book in the One God trilogy, that really hits too close to home. I’m am really looking forward to seeing how it all ends

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