March has arrived! I’m usually not one to complain about Winter taking forever. I live in Wisconsin because I really enjoy all four of the seasons. But this year, with all the snow and below zero temperatures we’ve had, I am ready for Spring! And with March now on the calendar, it’s getting closer.

This noir looks excellent. Millionaires, Stolen Diamonds, and Hitler. What a combo.
Emily has it all, and then the tides turn. Her aunt invites her for a visit, where she finds a diary that makes connections to her life. This is one that I will be reserving from the library, and giving a read.
When I was a girl, I would have read this one. Sallie loves to read Westerns. And after Sallie, and her sister, Maude, run away, this begin an adventure that Sallie has only read about.
Look at that cover. Sometimes I do judge a book by its cover. And this one looks like it could be a fantastically fun ride.
Cory is reincarnated into a very different world. A Sci-Fi world manipulating reality. If only I could manipulate reality!

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