Title: Hanging by a Thread
Author: Margaret Evans
Series: Second Treasures Mysteries #3
Publisher: Moonlight Mystery Press
Release Date: October 7, 2017
Pages: 318
Book Source: eBook

“The evidence hangs on threads from a garment in Laura Keene’s thrift shop, a suit less than a year old but belonging to a young man who has left town, or so everyone thinks. During the town’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, a terrible discovery is made, and a story of blackmail, jealousy and greed are brought to light in the third installment of Margaret Evans’s thrilling Second Treasures Mysteries, “Hanging By a Thread.” Amazon

My Review:

If you look back at my reviews you’ll see that I often read the first book in the series, and even if I enjoyed it, never seem to read any more. Not because I don’t want to, but because there needs to be more time in the day. But with Margaret Evans’, Second Treasure Mysteries, I find the time because I enjoy them so much.

There’s just a touch of the supernatural, and I do love me some ghostly going ons. There’s mysteries inside of the mystery, which Evans has seemed to have perfected, since each books gives you numerous ones to figure out. And because she’s such a master at this, you find yourself excitedly waiting for the next book to come out so you can find out what happens next.

And with the next book in the series, A Dress to Die For, coming out in June, I’ll be able to see if Laura makes any more progress on her parents death. Is it June yet?!?

The town Laura lives in, Raging Ford, is some place I would love to visit. All the quaint shops that Evans describes and the colorful townspeople, would help to make for a wonderful visit… as long as I didn’t get murdered while I was there!

In Hanging by a Thread, Evans gives us so much more development with Laura, her friends, boyfriend, and more of the people in town. Maybe by the sixth book, I’ll finally learn all the secrets that the town’s insurance salesman has hidden in his closet.

I highly recommend this series, and am excited to see what Evans has in store for her next book, A Dress to Die For.

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