Title: Newly Wed and Slightly Dead
Author: Danielle Garrett
Series: A Touch of Magic Mysteries #1
Publisher: Amazon
Release Date: February 14, 2019
Pages: 182
Book Source: eBook

“After years spent working the birthday party and baby shower circuit, Anastasia Winters finally has a corner office and a host of supernatural clients all begging her to plan their special day. But following a brush of bad luck, she finds herself on the brink of losing it all. With an ultimatum from her boss on the table, her next wedding has to be perfect.

When the vampy mother of the groom is found dead, the bride goes on the run, and Anastasia is forced head-first into the murder investigation if she has any chance of getting the wedding back on track and keeping her job.

Unfortunately, this is one wedding crisis that requires more than a strategically placed bobby pin or double-sided sticky tape.

Can there be a fairy tale ending, or will it be Happily Ever Never?” Amazon

My Review:

A wedding planner, who happens to be a witch…. Danielle, have you been peering into my dreams, and viewing my ideal profession?

Very good beginning to a new series, and I am interested to see how the characters continue to develop. I thought the best interactions were between Anastasia and her office nemesis, Kait. And I see a lot of potential with Anastasia’s sister, so hopefully in future books, their relationship grows, maybe even into a fun sister sidekick.

The murder mystery itself was pretty easy to figure out, but being a first book in the series, and one on the shorter side as well, that was inevitable. I hope Garrett isn’t rushing so fast to keep getting books out that this continues in future books. Besides the character development, I really do want a good mystery that is hard to figure out.

Garrett gave me just enough that I will be checking out the next book in the series, Couture and Curses.

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