Title: A Dress to Die For
Author: Margaret Evans
Series: Second Treasures Mysteries #4
Publisher: Moonlight Mystery Press
Release Date: June 7, 2019
Pages: 307
Book Source: eBook

“When is a prom not really a prom? When it’s a staging for murder! In Margaret Evans’s “A Dress to Die For,” volume 4 of her Second Treasures Mysteries series, Laura Keene continues the long search for her parents’ killers. When a bag of used clothing shows up at her thrift shop, Laura is pulled into a dangerous cold case to unravel an old tale of jealousy and revenge.” Amazon

My Review:

Margaret Evans is doing everything right with the Second Treasures Mystery series, and especially book four. She took a current topic, something that is very heavy, and was able to lighten it enough for a cozy, but still keep the importance of it.

Her characters which started out good, have just continued to get better with each book. The town comes to life between her descriptive writing of the stores and scenery, and the way she delves deeper into each character’s life.

And the intertwining mysteries are done amazingly. Each book has a main mystery that is concluded by the end of the book, but there are mini mysteries in each book. As well as bigger mysteries that continue from book to book. This is a great way to keep me wanting to come back for more.

One character that I’ve been wondering about finally comes to light in this book, but then Evans ends the book with an even bigger mystery concerning another recurring character. She is a master at this style of writing.

Evans provides enough back story that you could just read, A Dress to Die For, but don’t. Start with the first book, Twice Sold Murder, so you can experience all the intertwining mysteries.

I highly recommend the Second Treasures Mystery series!

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