Title: Witch Chocolate Fudge
H.Y. Hanna
Bewitched Chocolate Mysteries #2
Wiseheart Press
Release Date:
January 28, 2017
Book Source: 

“Since arriving in the tiny English village of Tillyhenge, Caitlyn is discovering that there are lots of perks to being a witch (although sadly, magic still can’t make your thighs thinner or stop you acting like an idiot every time you meet handsome Lord James Fitzroy!)

But when the nasty housekeeper at Huntingdon Manor is murdered and Caitlyn becomes the main suspect, she finds herself surrounded by suspicious villagers. With the help of her sassy American cousin and a mischievous black kitten – not to mention the old village witch and her shop of enchanted chocolates – Caitlyn sets out to clear her name.

She soon realises that this is no simple murder. Her sleuthing leads her to an ancient ring with mythical powers – a ring worth killing for. But with a few clever spells and some chocolate magic, Caitlyn just might solve the mystery – and find her real family too!” Amazon

My Review:

You can read my review for the first book in the series, Dark, Witch, and Creamy, here.

There are times when the second book in a series doesn’t suck me in as much, and unfortunately, this was one of them. It was still a good read, but with so many other great reads out there, I’m not sure if I’m going to be getting book three in the series, Witch Summer Night’s Cream.

I think the biggest reason this book didn’t pull me in, was due to not much character development. There is more interaction with a lot of the characters, but they haven’t gotten any deeper since the last book. Pomona is a nice, but vapid person. Lord Fitzroy is nice and handsome. The other main characters are nice too. Even the old witch is turning nice! But, I need more than just nice. People have many dimensions to them.

The mystery itself was good, and I enjoyed the supernatural angle. But Caitlyn was a bit of a mystery to me. Most of the time she is super observant, and then can’t remember what happened just a few minutes ago. Since she doesn’t have short term amnesia, there’s no excuse, except needing another round of editing.

I would still say give this one a read, especially if you enjoyed the first one. But for me, there are so many other series that I haven’t read yet, and series that I really enjoy, that I just don’t want to continue with this series, and be disappointed.

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