Title: House Mother: The Contract
Author: Amber Lloyd
Publisher: Sinful Press
Release Date: August 2, 2019
Pages: 294
Book Source: ARC from LibraryThing

“All Amber Lloyd wanted was a new start. With her abusive ex-husband a thing of the past and a modest divorce settlement in the bank, the future looked hopeful.

But as Amber quickly finds out, a young woman making it alone in a new city is much more expensive than she initially thought, and with no work experience, her options are limited. When an unusual job offer presents itself, Amber is hesitant, but her financial situation leaves her with few other choices.

Amber soon finds herself living the life of luxury as House Mother to five middle-aged men, but what initially seemed to be a straightforward contract turns out to be more complicated than she bargained for as each of the men comes with his own set of sexual problems. Is Amber in over her head or has she found her true calling?

House Mother is a crazy ride into the world of sexual dysfunction told first-person by a woman with compassion and empathy for her clients. Some are more damaged than others, but they all have one thing in common – they all need the unique services provided by the House Mother.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

The reason I am giving House Mother: The Contract two stars instead of one, is because it was well edited, and the story did flow fine. Except for the end which really felt like it came on fast, and instead of ending the story, made sure to leave it open for more books in the series.

When I read an erotic book I want it to be a fantasy, I don’t want it to be like real life. I don’t want to read about men who have premature ejaculation or can’t get it up. If it was one guy and the couple worked on his problem in unique ways for part of the book, I would be fine with that. But to have that the premise of the entire story is not something I want to read.

When I read the synopsis and saw that it said, “turns out to be more complicated than she bargained for as each of the men comes with his own set of sexual problems.” I am thinking something in regards to kinky sex, not being unable to get erect.

Then there’s the actual sex scenes in the book, which were not that exciting. But how can they be if a guy comes right away and the House Mother, Amber, is consoling the guy for the rest of the scene. Or if the sex with another one is just wham bam thank you ma’am, and then he leaves to get back to work. Okay one quickie is fine, but I want to read a detailed scene that involves a few pages or more of steamy sex, not Amber masturbating in the shower again and again.

If your kink is guys who come really fast or can’t get hard, this book is for you. But if you want graphic sex scenes filled with a fantasy world, you should look somewhere else.

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