Title: The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove
Author: J.S. Bailey, Mackenzie Flohr, Elise Manion, D.M. Kilgore, et al.
Publisher: BHC Press
Release Date: October 10, 2019
Pages: 276
Book Source: NetGalley

Graves Grove isn’t your ordinary town…

Nestled within the folds of the Canadian Rockies, Graves Grove probably isn’t the picturesque place you’d like to stay for long. Peculiar things happen here. The citizens seem normal superficially—they function well enough. But each one is deeply disturbed, wrapped in secrets and neuroses which drive them to strange behaviors.

And then there are all the missing children. And why is everyone afraid of that sycamore tree?

The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove is an anthology of stories taking place throughout the history of this mysterious town, from its founding to its future. Read them…if you dare.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

The Whispered Tales of Graves Grove is a perfect anthology for the Halloween season, or really any time of the year. This was a great read for right before bed. I could finish one story if I was tired, or read a few more if I wasn’t ready to close my eyes yet. Each story was unique and had a sense of dread or horror, but still tied in perfectly with the rest of the stories.

The way the editors, J.S. Bailey and Kelsey Keating were able to pull together all the stories from all the different authors into a cohesive story is amazing. There are some central characters, including the sycamore tree, that flow throughout the entire book. As well as some characters that you only read about once. This worked well, except for one story involving the vampires. It left me hanging and there wasn’t a conclusion to it in the book. Not that every story needs a conclusion, but this was so wide open that it needed something more, or perhaps to be taken out of the anthology.

While a lot of the stories are eerie, there are some funny ones. The reason behind the bronze statue’s clothes changing daily was amusing. And when you find out more about, Cooper, the dog that belongs to everyone and no one, there is a heroic twist that gives you a bit of hope for the village of Graves Grove.

Graves Grove would be a place that I would enjoy visiting, but with some Holy Water, a machete, a gun, a stake, silver bullets, and a platoon of Marines.

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