Title: Kitchen Witchcraft : Crystal Magic
Author: Rachel Patterson
Publisher: Moon Books
Release Date: November 29, 2019
Pages: 152
Book Source: NetGalley

_“In Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic, best-selling author Rachel Patterson looks at some of the more commonly available crystals and presents them in a magical light! Combining an extensive reference section along with topics such as how to work with crystals for magical purpose, connecting with crystal magical energy, which crystals to use for specific magical intent, creating crystal spell grids and using crystals for divination, Crystal Magic is an essential book for the modern Kitchen Witch. _
_ _
Crystal Magic is the third in a series of books that delve into the world of the Kitchen Witch. Each book breaks down the whys and wherefores of the subject and includes practical guides and exercises. Other titles include Spells and Charms, Garden Magic and The Elements.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I recently started my journey with crystals so I am always looking at books to find ones that are good resources and organized well. Kitchen Witchcraft : Crystal Magic is one such book. Rachel Patterson starts off with the history of crystals and shares with the reader that crystals are more than just pretty stones.

All of the information that Patterson includes is wonderful, and I can see long time crystal users picking up some new tips and information. After the introduction to crystals, Patterson has so much more information to share including; Cleansing crystals, crystals and Full Moons, Meditating with crystals, Crystal Bling, Using crystals with Poppets, Witch Bottles, and Mojo Bags, and so much more.

With each crystal Patterson includes the crystal’s Magical Properties, Energy, Element, Planet, and Zodiac sign. She also shares what the crystal is best used for, since most crystals can be used for more than one reason. The Suggested Cleansing and Divination Meaning rounds out each crystal’s entry.

At the end there is an alphabetical list of outcomes that you may be looking for with a spell or in meditating, and which crystal can help assist you. Memory, Money, Moon Magic, Motivation, etc… are just a few examples. This part I found really helpful since you can go directly to the intention and find the crystals needed, instead of going through page after page.

I’m looking forward to the release date of November 29, 2019 because whenever I find a good reference book, I always buy a print copy. I just find them easier for myself to use. So an early Yule gift for me!

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