Title: Apple Cider Slaying
Author: Julie Anne Lindsey
Series: Cider Shop Mystery #1
Publisher: Kensington Books
Release Date: November 1, 2019
Pages: 320
Book Source: Paperback

“Blossom Valley, West Virginia, is home to Smythe Orchards, Winnie and her Granny’s beloved twenty-five-acre farm and family business. But any way you slice it, it’s struggling. That’s why they’re trying to drum up business with the “First Annual Christmas at the Orchard,” a good old-fashioned holiday festival with enough delicious draw to satisfy apple-picking locals and cider-loving tourists alike—until the whole endeavor takes a sour turn when the body of Nadine Cooper, Granny’s long-time, grudge-holding nemesis, is found lodged in the apple press. Now, with Granny the number one suspect, Winnie is hard-pressed to prove her innocence before the real killer delivers another murder …” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I love finding new cozy mystery series, and it’s even better when they are good. Apple Cider Slaying by Julie Anne Lindsey checks both of those boxes. This is the first book in the Cider Shop Mystery series and after finishing it, I immediately went to the interwebs to find out when the next book is coming out. Luckily I only have to wait until the end of April 2020 for the second book, Pulp Friction, to be released!

What I loved the most about Apple Cider Slaying was the sense of community. I actually had tears in my eyes towards the end due to how wonderfully the people of Blossom Valley came together to help Winner and her Granny. Tears, people!

Another thing that I found to be fantastic about Apple Cider Slaying was being completely surprised by the murderer. Whenever that happens in a cozy, especially if it’s the first I read in the series, I am instantly endeared to the series and author. Lindsey had the perfect amount of suspects and red herrings to keep me interested.

And Kenny and Dolly are adorable. They are two marmalade kittens that Winnie takes in after her best friend rescues them. I always enjoy cozies with animals in them, especially cats. These two little fireballs remind me of our black cat, Fizzy. As a kitten he would run up our legs. It hurt and I would always gently put him down and give him a stern word. But he’s a cat. And even now that he’s grown, when I’m washing the dishes and not giving him enough attention, he will walk up to me and put his front claws into my pants. It hurts, and I often have to bend down to help him detach himself, but I secretly love it a little bit because it’s like he’s still a kitten instead of a 20 pound cat.

Apple Cider Slaying is a great start to a new cozy series, and I highly recommend. If you enjoy it, make sure to pre-order, Pulp Friction, book two in the series!

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