Title: Silenced in Sequins
Author: Debra Sennefelder
Series: Resale Boutique Mysteries #2
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Release Date: January 7, 2020
Pages: 201
Book Source: NetGalley

“Former Manhattan fashion buyer Kelly Quinn is turning her grandmother’s outdated consignment shop into her quaint hometown’s hot spot for upscale style—until her second-hand couture makes the scene of an ice-cold crime…
With her bottom line looking a little threadbare, Kelly is going all out to promote the Lucky Cove Resale Boutique. She’s counting on Black Friday to recover her start-up expenses—including a website and an advertising blitz. But the publicity is overkill when two warring divas, and one sparkly evening dress, thrust Kelly and her fledgling business into a scandal she can’t afford.
_ _
The gorgeous garment came to Kelly from the walk-in closets of Wendy Johnson, one of reality TV’s Long Island Ladies. When Wendy’s former co-star, Diana Delacourte, graces a Christmas gala in the dress that was once her rival’s, a very public catfight ensues. But is Wendy to blame when sequin-clad Diana turns up dead? Dodging the show’s ever-present cameras—and a detective’s stern warnings—Kelly hunts for a killer before the powerful celebrity-suspect makes good on her threats and rips her to shreds…” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I was first introduced to Debra Sennefelder via book three in her Food Blogger Mysteries and enjoyed it, so I wanted to give her Resale Boutique Mysteries a read. The first one in the series, Murder Wears a Little Black Dress, was really good. So when I saw she had book two, Silenced in Sequins, coming out I jumped on the chance to read it, and it’s as good as the first one!

I don’t watch reality TV, but I can see the appeal, to be able to watch other people with lives crazier than yours can make you appreciate what you have. And getting a glimpse into rich people’s parties and homes is always appealing. Robin Leach took us on tours of the rich and famous years before reality TV became so popular. Even with not watching reality TV, Silenced in Sequins, was still a blast. And the way Sennefelder weaved in the deal that Kelly made with the TV star, Wendy, was the perfect set-up to make sure Kelly’s business continues to thrive in future books.

Besides the main mystery, there is a smaller mystery that involves Kelly’s grandma and a trip to Vegas. I was very pleased with how it turned out because I wasn’t looking forward to this dragging on in future books.

And talking about a thing that often drags on in Cozy Mysteries… the romance aspect is still being handled well in the Resale Boutique Mysteries. It’s progressing a bit, with a giant monkey wrench being thrown in for good measure. I think it’s excellent how Sennefelder was able to combine the usual lead detective’s annoyance with the amateur sleuth into the romance storyline.

Although I knew the murderer early on, I didn’t know what the motive was until the end. And Sennefelder gives you enough suspects that could make guessing the killer difficult. I hope to see some of the suspects as recurring characters in future books. I could see Wendy becoming more friendly, and having her as a friend could mean more outrageous parties for Kelly and her friends.

As with book one, Silenced in Sequins, adds just the right amount of details on clothes and accessories. This is a Fashion Cozy after all! Although I’m not much into fashion it was still enjoyable reading about the different outfits and the way Sennefelder described them made it easy for me to picture them.

I’m looking forward to what mystery Kelly finds herself solving next, and highly recommend this series.

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