Title: You are Not Alone
Author: Greer Hendricks
Series: Sarah Pekkanen
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
Release Date: March 3, 2020
Pages: 344
Book Source: NetGalley

“The electrifying #1 New York Times bestselling authors of THE WIFE BETWEEN US and AN ANONYMOUS GIRL return with a brand new novel of psychological suspense.
_ _
Shay Miller wants to find love, but it eludes her. She wants to be fulfilled, but her job is a dead end. She wants to belong, but her life is increasingly lonely.
_Until Shay meets the Moore sisters. _

Cassandra and Jane live a life of glamorous perfection, and always get what they desire. When they invite Shay into their circle, everything seems to get better.
Shay would die for them to like her.
She may have to.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Shay’s life is not going so well. She lives with her friend, Sean, whom she has a crush on, but his girlfriend seems to be over at the apartment all the time and is slowly working on getting Shay to move out. Her job is not going anywhere. She really has no friends to hang out with and complain to. While that would be terrible for anyone, seeing a suicide happen right before her eyes really tips her life into a complete depressive state.

Shay has always been fascinated by statistics and if she wouldn’t have taken 22 seconds to put her hair up in a ponytail, she would have caught the train and missed the suicide. But, alas, her life is straight out of a Shakespearean tragedy. That is, until she meets the Moore sisters.

She suddenly has beautiful friends who are well connected in the city, and even though they met in a weird situation, and Shay starts out their relationship with a lie, she thinks her life is going to get better. And it does. Until it doesn’t. Until she’s running for her life, hiding out in dank motel rooms, and praying her knowledge of stats can finally help her out in life.

You are Not Alone was a roller coaster ride of emotions with one lie leading to another. And even though the situation should seem ridiculous, you just know something like this could happen. This is the type of book that you want to do a buddy read so you have someone to discuss it with, going back and forth with; Can you believe that happened, and then this, and then when the sisters did that, and then Shay found that???

As with any thriller book review you don’t want to give anything away because you want all the wonderful twists and turns you encountered to be new for the reader. You need to read You are Not Alone. And I need to go read their other two books, The Wife Between Us and An Anonymous Girl.

And my final take away, Women are Evil… but in such a deliciously, devious way!

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