Title: Deep Bitter Roots
Author: Joy Ann Ribar
Series: Deep Lakes Cozy Mysteries #2
Publisher: Orange Hat Publishing
Release Date: April 15, 2020
Pages: 231
Book Source: eBook

“The promise of Spring in Deep Lakes, Wisconsin brings the community out of hibernation to plan the annual Roots Festival. Bubble and Bake owner Frankie Champagne just wants to help the Granite Mansion quarry heiress plan the keynote presentation. So, why does she find herself in the middle of the legendary and deadly Quarry Curse?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I loved the first book, Deep Dark Secrets, in the Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery series by Joy Ann Ribar, so I was super excited to read book two, Deep Bitter Roots. And once again it was a wonderful cozy that takes place in Central Wisconsin.

In Deep Bitter Roots, Ribar adds some more characters, including Tia Pepita and Aunt Cece. They both add another layer to the series, including family ties and women in an older and wiser age bracket. If you are looking for a cozy series that doesn’t have the main character in her twenties, still dealing with all the insecurities that can go along with that age, the Deep Lakes series may be just what you need to read.

Besides writing wonderful characters that have depth to them and really encompass the way people in Central Wisconsin are, Ribar also writes a really good mystery. I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was early on, but she still had a twist at the end that I really appreciated.

I was also excited to see Ribar discussing various herbs and trees that grow in Wisconsin. This, in addition to the wines and bakery she describes was a wonderful inclusion to the book, especially since I’m training to be an herbalist!

Another great book in the Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery series and one I highly recommend.

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