Title: Shoot the Breeze
Author: Gina LaManna
Series: Det. Kate Rosetti Mysteries #1
Publisher: LaManna Books
Release Date: March 27, 2020
Pages: 245
Book Source: eBook

“Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota—home to strong coffee, deadly winters, and Detective Kate Rosetti—a rising star in the local homicide department. When a young woman turns up dead along the Mississippi River in her latest assignment, Detective Rosetti quickly realizes it’s the work of a notorious cross-country serial killer.
_ _
To complicate matters, Kate’s troublemaking sister turns up out of the blue in need of a place to live. An strikingly handsome FBI agent appears at the crime scene, convinced this case belongs to him. And a certain British billionaire is a little too interested in the murder… and in Kate.
_ _
As she begins to close in on the killer, the investigation takes a turn for the personal. It’s one riddle after the next, and if Kate can’t sort out the murderer’s identity before his next kill, she’ll be up next on the autopsy table.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Shoot the Breeze is another great start to a new series by Gina LaManna! It’s a bit grittier than her other series, but even with them chasing down a serial killer, it’s still on the mild side.

This was a fast read and has a love triangle that I am actually excited to see where it goes (I’m rooting for the Billionaire!)… which says a lot for me since I’m not a huge fan of love triangles.

LaManna does a fabulous job with character development, having the side characters being just as in depth as the main ones. And the book’s location in Minnesota is also a character in the story when it comes to the weather and customs. I really enjoyed reading about Kate’s Italian heritage too, and how her family interacts and are supportive in their own ways.

As for the mystery, I didn’t guess the killer, so that always makes me happy! Already looking forward to book two in the series, Riddle Me This.

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