Title: Death of a Wandering Wolf
Author: Julia Buckley
Series: An Hungarian Tea House Mystery #2
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: June 30, 2020
Pages: 288
Book Source: ARC from NetGalley

“The only thing Hana loves more than a good cuppa is finding a delicate porcelain treasure to add to her collection. She’s usually on the hunt for teacups but when she spots a rare wolf figurine at a local yard sale, she knows it’s her lucky day. Hana also knows the wolf is valuable and tells the seller that he’s charging too little for it. His reaction is peculiar–he says he received the wolf from someone he doesn’t trust and he just wants it out of his life.
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Hana is inspecting her new prize when she finds a tiny microchip attached to the bottom of the porcelain wolf. When she shows the figure to her police detective boyfriend, Erik, Hana is shocked to learn that the chip is actually a tracking device. They decide to confront the seller about the sneaky sale but when they arrive at his house, they find him dead. Erik and Hana now must hunt a calculating killer who has no intentions of crying wolf when it comes to murder…” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I really enjoyed Death in a Budapest Butterfly, so when I saw book two in An Hungarian Tea House Mystery, Death of a Wandering Wolf by Julia Buckley was coming out (June 30, 2020), I knew I wanted to read it. And book two was just as good as the first one, which often isn’t the case in cozy mystery series.

Buckley continues with her excellent character development. We get to know more about Hana and her family, along with their psychic abilities and we get to meet some new characters, including Det. Wolf’s sisters, whom I hope to see in future books. And talking about psychic abilities, Hana is starting to explore hers more, which I absolutely love.

And I adore that Det. Wolf continues to believe in Hana’s powers and share information with her in regards to the case. So many cozies have the police presence or even the heroine’s family and friends discourage her from investigating, so when I find a cozy mystery series that encourages the main character, I get very happy.

In this book, as in the first book, we learn a bit about Hungarian folktales and a lot about Hungarian cooking. Death of a Wandering Wolf inspired me to look up a recipe for an Hungarian casserole that turned out delicious and helped to encourage me to try more of the recipes at the end of the book.

As for the mystery itself, there were lots of suspects and at no point was I absolutely certain who might be the killer. Another fantastic book in An Hungarian Tea House Mystery series and one that I highly recommend.

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