Title: Strangers
Author: C.L. Taylor
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: March 19, 2020
Pages: 400
Book Source: NetGalley

“Ursula, Gareth and Alice have never met before.
Ursula thinks she killed the love of her life.
Gareth’s been receiving strange postcards.
And Alice is being stalked.
None of them are used to relying on others – but when the three strangers’ lives unexpectedly collide, there’s only one thing for it: they have to stick together. Otherwise, one of them will die.
Three strangers, two secrets, one terrifying evening.” – NetGalley

Kim’s Review

Strangers is the first book I’ve read by C.L. Taylor, and I’m already looking into getting some of her back stock. This novel was so well crafted with more than three storylines interweaving and then coming to an ending that answers all the questions in regards to the craziness that is going on with three people whose lives barely touch each other. It makes me want to be very nice to everyone I meet, since one never knows when you might need their help.

Strangers is a super fast read filled with lots of secrets, plot twists and POV switches. The short chapters and changing POV really kept me turning the page. Towards the end when Ursula goes to her roommate’s open door and then the chapter changes to another character, I groaned out loud because I was so tense waiting to see what was in his room! And at one point I was absolutely certain as to what was in the basement, but then I laughed out loud when it was finally revealed. The way Taylor wrote the scenes with the loud music and noises coming from the basement is masterful. And for a second, I was like, but what about the murders? And then Taylor gives us a final ending that made me smirk, and it was the perfect ending.

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