Title: The Corpse Who Knew too Much
Author: Debra Sennefelder
Series: Food Blogger Mysteries #4
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: September 29, 2020
Pages: 268
Book Source: Netgalley


Kim’s Review

The Corpse Who Knew Too Much by Debra Sennefelder is the second book that I’ve read in the Food Blogger Mysteries and it was wonderful catching up with Hope, Jane, Drew, Claire, and the rest of the gang. This is book number four in the series and if you haven’t read any of the other books, Sennefelder gives you enough background and references to previous cases that you won’t be lost. Although with any series, starting from the first book is always a great idea so you can watch the characters grow and be privy to insider information. The Uninvited Corpse is book one in the series in case this is a new series to you.

Hope is going non-stop all of the time and is dealing with a lot; creating new recipes for her blog and all the things that come along with maintaining a blog, running a class at the local library, learning to do podcasts, remodeling/decorating her older farmhouse, working on her relationship with the town sheriff and his daughters, and solving not one, but three murders! It’s no wonder she’s finally hired an assistant to help with the administrative parts of her blogging business and someone to help around the house and with her chickens. And besides solving three murders she also figures out who’s been stealing small objects around her house. I’m tired just thinking of having to handle all of that.

But with giving Hope so many responsibilities, Sennefelder uses it to write a great cozy since there is always something happening. And while everything is going on, Sennefelder is continuing to have her main characters grow and make sure the new ones are well developed. And I feel like Sennefelder has really stepped up her game when it comes to including Hope making new recipes fitting seamlessly into the story, as well as all the yummy recipes at the end of the book. There’s a couple of cookie recipes that I know I will be trying out soon.

As far as the mystery went I was guessing for quite a bit of the book. Towards the end, one of the characters makes a comment that stuck out so I knew they were involved, but I wasn’t exactly sure as to the why. And I really enjoyed how Sennefelder incorporated a true crime podcast into the book since they are so popular and it seemed to give the cozy a bit of a darker feel. Not that it isn’t a true cozy, it just has a bit more menacing creepiness behind it.

Another excellent addition to the Food Blogger Mysteries and the cozy genre!

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