Title: Magic Lessons
Author: Alice Hoffman
Series: Prequel to Practical Magic
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: October 6, 2020
Pages: 416
Book Source: Netgalley

“Where does the story of the Owens bloodline begin? With Maria Owens, in the 1600s, when she’s abandoned in a snowy field in rural England as a baby. Under the care of Hannah Owens, Maria learns about the “Unnamed Arts.” Hannah recognizes that Maria has a gift and she teaches the girl all she knows. It is here that she learns her first important lesson: Always love someone who will love you back.

When Maria is abandoned by the man who has declared his love for her, she follows him to Salem, Massachusetts. Here she invokes the curse that will haunt her family. And it’s here that she learns the rules of magic and the lesson that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Love is the only thing that matters.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Practical Magic is a yearly rewatch for me, but the book is even better. So when I saw that Alice Hoffman had written a book giving us a glimpse into the first Owens witch, I could hardly wait. Magic Lessons does a superb job combining a grimoire with the emotional characters and wonderful storytelling that Hoffman is so well known for.

Magic Lessons celebrates women even with all of the pain, suffering, and terror they face in a patriarchal world. It shows how even those with a good heart can be led astray, but there is hope of coming out a better person. Hoffman shines with her well developed characters and lessons in magic seamlessly weaved into the story.

If you enjoy Practical Magic (the book or the movie), you’ll want to read Magic Lessons and Rules of Magic, which is the prequel to Practical Magic. All three books have been fantastic reads and I will definitely read the next book Hoffman writes about the Owens family.

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