Title: Ablazing Grace
Author: Wendy Heuvel
Series: Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery #2
Publisher: Olde Crow Publishing
Release Date: October 6, 2020
Pages: 154
Book Source: eBook

“Cassie Bridgestone enjoys her simple life in Banford, grateful for fall, her cat, and her growing friendship with Daniel, the handsome bookstore owner.

But once again, her life is turned upside down when a deliberate explosion kills a woman, and injures Cassie – and the wrong person is blamed.

Now she must juggle an attractive fireman’s affections along with Daniel’s, but not let the intense love triangle distract her from finding the truth.

Before the real murderer silences her for good.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Ablazing Grace by Wendy Heuvel is the second cozy in this very Christian mystery series. Heuvel did a fantastic job with character development. Grams is the wise matriarch of the family who is gently pushing Cassie to become closer with God, Pumpkin is her adorable shop cat and companion, and David is a man with many layers that Cassie only starts to realize towards the end of the book. She’s so busy trying to push him away because he’s not at the same place as her in his discovery of God, that she is overlooking someone who could be more than a friend. Cassie’s brother is a typical jerk of a brother who shows he loves her in his own way, and Lexy is the type of friend every woman needs.

Now for the love triangle, I’m not going to spend a lot of time on it, and I wish Heuvel would have spent less on it too. This cozy mystery was good, and if the romance parts with Cassie trying to decide where her heart should go according to God would have taken up way less than what they did, this cozy could have been great.

And that leads us to the mystery itself. It’s a good thing that Grams is willing to look after Cassie’s shop whenever she needs her too, because Cassie spends most of the book (when not thinking about a life partner) chasing clues, and Lexy even joins her some of the time, which I really enjoyed. Heuvel did a fantastic job with the false clues she peppered Ablazing Grace with, and I didn’t see the killer coming.

If you enjoy Christian cozies with a lot of romance, the Faith and Foils Cozy Mystery series is one you’ll want to check out.

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