Title: Platitudes of Gratitude: A Humorous Take on the Gratitude Challenge
Author: Jennifer Baldwin
Series: 30 Day Challenge #1
Publisher: Train Wreck Publishers
Release Date: March 18, 2017
Pages: 198
Book Source: eBook

“Every November, Facebook is filled with gratitude posts. This book goes beyond being thankful for friends, family, houses, and jobs. Jennifer Baldwin, AKA The Glorious Train Wreck Mom, explores gratitude with a little inspiration, a little motivation, a little frustration, and a lot of humor. You’ll read about smells, sounds, family vacations, and the undying love a mother has for Oreos.
If nothing else, it should make you grateful for your life.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

With November about a month away, I thought this would be a fun, quick read before the month started and my social media feed became bombarded with people giving thanks. So many things in Platitudes of Gratitude by Jennifer Baldwin hit the hashtag month of #thankful on the head.

Right from the beginning when she said that the month starts out strong with people thanking their spouse/children for being alive, the next week fewer people are posting, but they are thankful for their jobs (the same ones who complain about work the other 11 months of the year), the third week will see even less people, and then finally the month is over with very few still posting. Either it says something about people not really being that thankful or how easy our society is distracted by the next new hashtag.

I did chuckle a few times, but it wasn’t as humorous for me as some of the reviews made it out to be. But it was the perfect look into the life of an imperfect family (aren’t they all) and a train wreck of a mom (I think almost all are, some just hide it better or have a cadre of people helping them out).

If you enjoy reading memoirs, Erma Bombeck, about family dynamics, or witches that are kooky and have a lot of sass then I highly recommend Platitudes of Gratitude.

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