Title: A Beach Wedding to Die For
Author: Judy Moore
Series: Cozy Mysteries to Die For #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 29, 2020
Pages: 317
Book Source: eBook

“When jilted grooms from the bride’s first two weddings show up at her beach wedding to groom number three, there’s definitely trouble on the horizon. Someone won’t be leaving the wedding alive.

A Beach Wedding To Die For is the second standalone mystery in the Cozy Mysteries To Die For series. The series follows Beck O’Rourke and her grandmother, Miss Alice, who own Beach Reads bookstore and coffee shop, a gathering place for locals and tourists a block off the ocean in Manatee Beach, Florida. They live above the bookstore with Beck’s feisty younger sister, Lizzie, a lifeguard.

Beck is determined to follow her lifelong dream of being a detective, but the amateur sleuth keeps butting heads with handsome Manatee Beach Police Department detective Devon Mathis. Will she have to give up one passion for the other?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

A Beach Wedding to Die For by Judy Moore is a wonderful read. I really enjoyed the first cozy in the series, A Book Signing to Die For because Moore had such fantastic character development and she continues to do so in this one too. We get to see more of Grandma Alice and Beck’s sister, Lizzie. Their dancing scenes at the wedding were a riot.
And Moore does a fantastic job introducing new characters and making them really stand out. Moore really shines when it comes to her characters which is great since that’s why I, and so many others, keep coming back to a cozy mystery series.

And I have to applaud Moore for the way she handled the resolution with the killer. Although I was pretty sure who it was early on, the way the book concluded was not something that happens often in a cozy. Some people may not enjoy the ending, but I loved it. To me it’s another way that Moore’s writing stands out from the thousands of cozy mystery writers out there.

I highly recommend you take a trip to Manatee Beach in Florida and get to know Beck and the gang!

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