Title: Deep Flakes Christmas: A Nisse Visit
Author: Joy Ribar
Series: Deep Lakes Cozy Mysteries #3
Publisher: Ten16Press
Release Date: October 7, 2020
Pages: 143
Book Source: eBook

_“Baker/vintner Frankie Champagne is named coordinator for the Deep Lakes Holiday Festival in the unexpected absences of the town officials. What should be a piece of cake for the confident multi-tasker is a half-baked fiasco when the town is buried by snowstorms, and the official Christmas tree and its delivery truck driver go missing. _
With the help of an enchanting stranger, can Frankie and her cohorts save the holiday season for everyone?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

People read cozies for many reasons, but one of them is because they are sweet even while someone is trying to solve a horrible crime. Deep Flakes Christmas: A Nisse Visit by Joy Ribar is perfect to get you into the holiday spirit. Although this is the third book in the series, there are no dead bodies to be found this Christmas in Deep Lakes, Wisconsin! Just a missing truck driver, lost pets, and finding out who is helping to get all of the last minute preparations done for the Deep Lakes Holiday Festival.

If there is an author that I enjoy, I rarely read the synopsis when their newest book comes out, I just get to reading. So when I was on chapter eight and there was still no dead body being discovered, I was taken aback for a moment, and then I just took another sip of my hot cocoa and let the magic of the story take me away.

It was wonderful catching up with Frankie and her business partner, Carmen, along with the rest of the staff that helps out at the Bubble and Bake, a combination bakery and wine shop. The references to the various Wisconsin wines, sweet treats, and customs are really enjoyable and Ribar does such a fantastic job of incorporating them into each of the books.

And for me , a book set during the holidays is even more special when there’s a touch of magic. Which we certainly get with the Swedish traditions and customs that Ribar shares with us.

I highly recommend the Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery series, and while Deep Flakes Christmas can certainly be read as a stand alone, do yourself a favor and grab Deep Dark Secrets and Deep Bitter Roots too!

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