Title: A Pairing to Die For
Author: Kate Lansing
Series: A Colorado Wine Mystery #2
Publisher: Berkley
Release Date: January 26, 2021
Pages: 320
Book Source: Netgalley

“It’s fall in Boulder, Colorado, and the leaves aren’t the only things changing. Parker Valentine, owner of Vino Valentine, is finally settling in to her winery and her new relationship with Reid Wallace, a local chef. But their delicate pairing is endangered when Reid’s estranged family comes into town to celebrate the opening of his new restaurant.

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Reid and his family are immediately at loggerheads, given their often acidic temperaments, but Parker still wants to make a good first impression. However, her efforts might be in vain when Reid’s sous chef is found dead in the alley behind the restaurant, and Reid is implicated in the murder. In order to save Reid, Parker will have to find the real killer, even if the truth is difficult to swallow.” – Amazon


Kim’s Review

A Pairing to Die For by Kate Lansing is another great book in the Colorado Wine Mystery series! Once again, Lansing does an amazing job with character development. We meet Reid’s family right away in the book and see that Lansing can write characters who are horrible people, as well as characters you want to be friends with. The dinner scene at the beginning was so excruciating, but felt true to life for me. And if you’ve never experienced a dinner like that before, then I am very happy for you!

Romance is often a part of cozy mysteries since you have to have a contact in the police/legal/newspaper field, but I really enjoy the romance in this cozy series. The way Reid stands up for Parker is wonderful to see in a relationship. I know it’s just a book, but I have seen many couples in real life who do not have this important fundamental part of a relationship, so it’s nice to be able to read about one. Even though Parker’s faith in Reid truly being innocent gets tested a bit, of course, it all turns out well.

I did have a strong and correct suspicion about who the killer was early on, but Lansing really did do well with the red herrings and twists. I just read so many mysteries, that you kind of get a feel for it.

But I will say, with the killer’s reveal, it will add an interesting dynamic to future books in the series. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all will play out, and am looking forward to book three in the Colorado Wine Mysteries.


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