Title: No Ants Please
Author: Heather Hansen
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: August 13, 2020
Pages: 24
Book Source: eBook

“Benny the Ostrich is determined to find a food that is tastier than his usual meal of grass, so he decided to ask other animals what they like to eat. Will this curious little Ostrich find a new favorite dish, or will he get more than he bargained for? Join Benny as he travels the wilds of Africa, encountering new animals, and learning about what their favorite foods are along the way.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review


No Ants Please by Heather Hansen is a gorgeously drawn (by Alexsander Jasinki) picture book that has a wonderful story to help introduce young children to various animals of Africa and the idea of different foods being appropriate for different bodies.

With food allergies so prevalent in our society, No Ants Please, is a fantastic way for children to learn that different foods may not react well in various people. Even though food allergies is not once mentioned, Hansen does it in such a way that the reader will not even realize they are being taught something.

It also shows them that trying new foods, while not always fun, is a good thing to do. And by incorporating the ostrich passing gas… well, children will love that.

No Ants Please is perfect for caregivers to read while children enjoy the drawings. Then after, they can discuss trying different foods, food allergies, and how eating healthy food that does not make you sick is very important.


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