Title: Cake and Corruption
Author: S.C. Merritt
Series: Sweetwater Springs Southern Mysteries #6
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: March 4, 2021
Pages: 147
Book Source: ARC

“As mother of the bride, Glory wants her daughter’s wedding to be a day she’ll never forget. But when Glory’s address is found in the pocket of an unidentified body in a car crash, her biggest nightmare becomes reality. The past has followed her to Sweetwater Springs and it’s not going away without a fight. Can she solve the mystery and maybe even her husband’s two-year-old cold case murder in the process? Glory, Momma, a few of the new in-laws are working against the clock to discover the truth before the wedding bells toll.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review


Cake and Corruption by S.C. Merritt is the sixth book in the Sweetwater Springs Southern Mysteries, and even though I haven’t read the previous books, I had no problem following along with what was happening.

Although I will say, in Cake and Corruption we find out Glory’s husband’s killer which would have had way more of an impact on me if I would have started with book one.

So don’t be like me and dive in with book six, instead start with book one, Potluck and Pandemonium!

Merritt’s cast of characters are wonderful. You get doses of sweet southern hospitality mixed strong faith values (which don’t get shoved down your throat), and the family dynamic is so nice to see because everyone communicates and you can really tell that they love each other. Combine that with The Family (aka mob) that is marrying into the family, and has been part of previous books, and you are in for a great reading experience.

The mystery had lots of layers to it too and Merritt is a master at keeping so many different story lines and suspects straight in the reader’s mind. All in all, a fantastic book and I highly recommend you check out the Sweetwater Springs Southern Mysteries.


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