Title: The Unread Prophecy
Author: Sam Bond
Series: Milkwood Murder Mysteries #2
Publisher: Bound Publishing
Release Date: March 17, 2021
Pages: 370
Book Source: ARC

“It’s summer in Milkwood and life for piano-playing expat, Josie Monroe, is one picnic away from perfect.

When Josie’s newly discovered aunt is asked to participate at a local writing conference, Daisy jumps at the chance and ropes Josie in to help. A day in the idyllic Surrey countryside learning about love potions, lock picking and poisons — what could possibly go wrong?

However, when a bizarre murder occurs, events are set in motion that look likely to destroy the happiness of Josie’s new best friend, Belle DeCorcy.

Josie once again finds herself wellyboot deep in murder, mayhem and Maltesers. With Belle’s sanity hanging by the proverbial thread, Josie must discover the killer–or risk losing her best friend.

Join Josie, Belle, Daisy and the rest of the villagers of Milkwood for a romp through the British countryside in this delightful sequel to The Puccini Connection.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Do you ever get a moment of fear when you pick up the second book in a series and you’re afraid that it will disappoint you because you enjoyed the first book in the series so much? I know it’s not just me…. But, you don’t need to have this fear if you loved The Puccini Connection by Sam Bond because the second book in the Milkwood Murder Mysteries, The Unread Prophecy, is just as good!

Everything that I enjoyed from the first book is in the second, along with even more characters to get to know and love. Bond excels at her descriptions of the English countryside, the architecture, the food (I Need to get myself some Hobnob’s!), and the character’s outfits. Some authors do a good job, but Bond is at another level.

And the characters are so well written too. To be able to write scenery and characters so strongly, this makes Bond a double threat! Even with so many characters I had no problem knowing who was who because Bond is able to make each one have such distinct personalities. And I so want to be on one of the trivia teams.

In The Unread Prophecy, Belle, Josie’s BFF, was busy taking care of the victim’s family and Claude, the zedonk, was only briefly mentioned, but I enjoyed both of them so much from The Puccini Connection that I wanted more of them in The Unread Prophecy… but that just makes me excited to read book three even more to find out what they are up to.

Even though I read so many cozies, there are very few series that I keep active tabs on and the Milkwood Murder Mysteries is one of them. So it should come as no surprise that I very highly recommend The Unread Prophecy.


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