Title: All Sales Final
Author: Margaret Evans
Series: Second Treasures Mysteries #6
Publisher: PUBLISHER
Release Date: September 15, 2020
Pages: 243
Book Source: ARC

The Rage family’s worst nightmares are just beginning. Fate turns on Laura Rage Keene as she rips apart a far bigger conspiracy during her relentless search for her parents’ killers. She kicks it into high gear in a desperate attempt not to be the latest victim in All Sales Final, one woman’s passionate drive for justice.Catch up on the first five books in the series, so you’re ready for this grand finale!

Kim’s Review


All Sales Final by Margaret Evans is the sixth and final book in the Second Treasures Mysteries, and what an interesting ride it’s been. While I classify the series as a cozy mystery, it doesn’t really fit into that box. Some books are more mystery, others a bit more suspense, and this last one had a bit of a police procedural vibe to it. And they all have a paranormal aspect to them, but some of the books lean more heavily toward that genre than other books in the series.

So with all of those genres spread out over six books it’s hard to nail down a review. Plus you need to read this series starting with book one, Twice Sold Murder, since there are a few mysteries that continue from book to book and are finally all resolved in the last book. And the payoff of waiting for six books was worth the ending! And yet, Evans still leaves us with a bit of a mystery even at the end of All Sales Final, but it’s a fun one that can be thought to end however you would like… so it’s not a cliffhanger of an ending.

That is really vague, I know, but I highly recommend the Second Treasures Mysteries and would love to hear what you thought after you read them.


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