Title: Foul Murder at Fable’s Mansion
Author: April Patterson Clemens
Series: Saffron Ellis Mystery #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: December 31, 2020
Pages: 184
Book Source: ARC

“After the Green Scarabs are asked to go to Lovely Lakes, New Hampshire to do a favor for a high school friend, they witness what only they believe to be a murder. In order to win a wacky bet with Detective Elwood and Basil Ellis, Saffron and Wallace must race to prove that something foul is indeed afoot in this less than lovely town.

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In Foul Murder at Fable’s Mansion, book two of the Saffron Ellis series, mingle amongst the friendly townsfolk of Lovely Lakes, explore the grand and outlandish Fable’s Mansion, and watch as Saffron and Wallace try to discover the murderer before it’s too late!” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Foul Murder at Fable’s Mansion by April Patterson Clemens is an amusing, quirky, fast read of a mystery. It’s a cross between a Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie novel, with Clemens unique style wrapped up to make the perfect crime solving duo. I would love to see these books made into movies for the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. In fact the quirkiness of the characters reminded me of some of the characters in the Agatha Raisin TV series, which I absolutely adore!

You get the Holmes aspect where Wallace is the Watson to Saffron’s Sherlock. Wallace is the one writing the story and going along with Saffron’s crazy ideas, all while enjoying a good snack or two. And the way the mystery is wrapped up, is classic Agatha Christie, which is always fun. Plus the murder weapon in this book was poison, another great nod to Dame Christie. The way that Clemens combined the fairy tales with the poison was a unique story idea and one that I don’t remember coming across before.

We get to see more of Det. Bradley Elwood and Saffron’s brother, Basil in this book and the competition that happens between them adds a great layer to the story. How the losers held up their end of the bargain was amusing and the way Clemens set up the stakes, I can see it being very helpful to the P.I.s in upcoming books in the series.

I thought for sure I knew who the murderer was very early on, but I was not correct. And the actual murderer, along with the reason why, was another thing that I don’t recall reading in any previous mysteries, so that was a great twist.

Another fantastic addition in the Saffron Ellis Mysteries and this is a series that I highly recommend.


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