Title: A Sip Before Dying
Author: Gemma Halliday
Series: Wine & Dine Mysteries #1
Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing
Release Date: May 7, 2019
Pages: 203
Book Source: Trade Paperback

“The Oak Valley Vineyard has been in Emmy Oak’s family for generations. So when the small Sonoma winery is suddenly in financial trouble and in danger of being gobbled up by the corporate giants, Emmy moves home to try to save her legacy with her modern culinary know-how. First step—she throws a party showcasing her latest vintage and signature tasty treats to a group of wine country’s most elite enthusiasts. Only when one of her VIP guests sips a glass of poisoned wine and dies in her cellar, Emmy’s name is on everyone’s lips for all the wrong reasons.

The victim was the young, boy-toy husband of one of Silicon Valley’s most successful female CEOs… and his playboy ways and suspicious spending habits have almost no one mourning his death. Enter Detective Christopher Grant, recent SFPD transplant, who is assigned to the case and immediately homes in on Oak Valley. But Emmy is determined to clear her winery’s name—even if Grant’s dark eyes, sexy smile, and mysterious past threaten to distract her. After calling in the big guns to help her—a.k.a. her jewelry designer best friend and copious amounts of cookie dough ice cream—Emmy finds herself digging through a slew of suspects to uncover crimes, grudges, and secret affairs that could put a soap opera to shame. Can Emmy find out just which of the upper crust poisoned the victim’s vintage…or will Emmy’s next sip be her last?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

A Sip Before Dying by Gemma Halliday was decent, but nothing that I’m going to rave about. I was really excited since I enjoy drinking wine and the tech mogul is a woman, but that wasn’t enough for me to really get into this cozy.

All the tropes of the typical cozy are here; young woman given a business, hot cop who the protagonist doesn’t tell any clues to, and a best friend side-kick. There was nothing that really made this cozy stand out though. Even the killer was pretty easy to spot by way of no one talking to them. And as far as Emmy talking to the suspects, I was really surprised by how quickly and in depth everyone answered her questions… that was just a bit too unrealistic…

I would give the second book in the Wine & Dine Mysteries a read if it magically showed up in my TBR pile, but I wouldn’t go seeking it out.


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