Title: The Brethren of Greybrook
Author: April Patterson Clemens
Series: Saffron Ellis Mysteries #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: December 31, 2020
Pages: 173
Book Source: ARC

“Saffron and Wallace of Green Scarab Investigations travel to Greybrook, a school for the arts on Godwit Island, to solve the murder of Thaddy West, budding young painter and heir to the Westron Industries fortune.

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In The Brethren of Greybrook, book three of the Saffron Ellis series, Saffron and Wallace team up with young Bram Starling to untangle the threads of three different murders. Are The Brethren of Greybrook behind them all—or maybe even Bram himself?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

If you enjoy classic mysteries with some snark, great costumes, fantastic food, and nods to Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes, you need to read the Saffron Ellis Mysteries by April Patterson Clemens.

After their last adventure that included a camping trip with Saffron’s brother and his friend, Wallace and Saffron head to Greybrook to solve a murder that happened over a year ago. The Brethren of Greybrook is filled with rich young adults, a secret society, a commune that actually isn’t a cult, a randy lunch lady, lots of food (Wallace reminds me so much of Brad Pitt and how he’s always eating in the movies that he is in.), and a new apprentice.

Combine that with plenty of suspects, rando bust sculptures in the woods, and two more murders and you have a fun read that’ll keep you guessing.

I really enjoyed The Brethren of Greybrook and the first two books in the Saffron Ellis Mysteries, and encourage you to pick up the series, starting with Auld Lang Secrets.


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