Title: No Visible Means
Author: Suzanne Atkinson
Series: Stells Kirk Mysteries #1
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: March 1, 2019
Pages: 241
Book Source: ARC

“Witnesses saw Lorraine Young arrive home. Her 1977 black Malibu is parked beside her twenty-seven-foot Holiday Rambler trailer. Her windows and doors are bolted from the inside, but she’s not there.

Stella Kirk has the instinctive ability to frame a question in a way that elicits a long-buried answer. As the owner of Shale Cliffs RV Park, she tackles the disappearance of one of her seasonal residents with a vengeance.

Aiden North, a police detective and her high school sweetheart some thirty years ago, investigates with Stella’s help. Nick Cochran, the park manager and Stella’s secret lover, supports their efforts.

Read the first Stella Kirk Mystery. Be part of the journey to answer the question: Whatever happened to Lorraine Young?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

No Visible Means by Suzanna Atkinson is an unusual take on the cozy mystery genre. Having the book take place at an RV Park is a great location since you’ll have the regulars that you can get to know more about in each book, along with new characters in each book, which will give Atkinson a lot of room to play with character development and new situations for them to have to deal with.

Having grown up in the 80’s it was a pleasure to read about this time frame and it filled me with moments of nostalgia. My family did have an RV that we would travel around the state in during the summer months, so the details that Atkinson wrote in regards to the parks and all the services that are provided were right on point.

No Visible Means did start off slow between the mass of information that was provided and the repetition of what people had seen, but it did pick up and the revelations that came forth from the locked room mystery would make Sherlock Holmes proud. The depth surrounding the crime outside of the RV Park was very well put together too.

This is a series that I think will be a bit of fresh air for those who read a lot of cozy mysteries since it doesn’t completely follow the usual cozy formula.


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