Title: A Dealer Dead Ahead
Author: Scarlett Moss
Series: Law & Carter Cozy Mysteries #1
Publisher: Abby Moss Publishing
Release Date: August 24, 2021
Pages: 288
Book Source: ARC

“Carter Cash struggles with starting over. Widowed for a year and looking for direction, the mystery-TV-show fanatic agrees to assist a pal refurbishing an old yacht… and makes fast friends with a retired police dog. When the four-footed discharged cop acts strangely aboard the boat, the would-be sleuth is convinced the cargo hold might contain a hidden body.

Determined to get to the bottom of things, Carter snoops on the vessel under cover of darkness. What she dredges up could sink her and her K-9 shipmate in a deep sea of trouble.

Can Carter reel in a two-legged landshark before she and her chums are …chum?

A Dealer Dead Ahead is the delightful first book in the Law & Carter Cozy Mysteries series. If you like endearing characters, amateur sleuths, and doggie detectives, then you’ll love Scarlett Moss’s charming whodunit.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Most people read cozy mysteries for the unique characters, community, and/or the unique location, job or hobby. A Dealer Dead Ahead, the first book in the Law & Carter Cozy Mysteries by Scarlett Moss as both the interesting characters and the great location and job.

I really enjoyed this unique take on a business that involved renting out yurts for fancier camping and in future books a yacht for swanky parties and fundraising. Between yurts and yachts Moss has so many different areas for murders to take place… and I’m excited!
Plus, I always enjoy home, or in this case, yurt and yacht renovations.

In regards to characters, Moss already has some well developed ones, and I really enjoy the age range she has from a teenager to middle age to senior citizen. Combine that with an intelligent and fearless dog and a sassy cat (both of whom we occasionally know what they are thinking) and you have a fantastic start to a new cozy mystery series.

As far as the mystery went there were some red herrings and I thought it was a very original take on part of it. And I’m interested to see how this big secret that one of the characters has may be exposed in a future book.

If you want a fun, fast read with great characters and interesting locations for crimes, I highly recommend the Law & Carter Cozy Mysteries.


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