Title: Six Feet Below Zero
Author: Ena Jones
Publisher: Holiday House Publishing
Release Date: April 20, 2021
Pages: 222
Book Source: Hardcover

“Rosie and Baker are hiding something. Something big. Their great grandmother made them promise to pretend she’s alive until they find her missing will and get it in the right hands. The will protects the family house from their grandmother, Grim Hesper, who would sell it and ship Rosie and Baker off to separate boarding schools. They’ve already lost their parents and Great Grammy–they can’t lose each other, too.
_ _

The siblings kick it into high gear to locate the will, keep their neighbors from prying, and safeguard the house. Rosie has no time to cope with her grief as disasters pop up around every carefully planned corner. She can’t even bring herself to read her last-ever letter from Great Grammy. But the lies get bigger and bigger as Rosie and Baker try to convince everyone that their great grandmother is still around, and they’ll need more than a six-month supply of frozen noodle casserole and mountains of toilet paper once their wicked grandmother shows up!
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This unexpectedly touching read reminds us that families are weird and wonderful, even when they’re missing their best parts. With humor, suspense, and a testament to loyalty, Ena Jones takes two brave kids on an unforgettable journey. Includes four recipes for Great Grammy’s survival treats.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Six Feet Below Zero by Ena Jones is a middle school book that had me finishing it in one day because it was so well written and fast paced!

Rosie and Baker have lost both of their parents, and now their great grandmother. Great Grammy loves them so much that she asks them to do some crazy things so they don’t have to go and live with their grandmother, her daughter, who is truly a horrible person. And I really shouldn’t have been, but I was surprised at just how awful their Grim Hesper turned out to be.

Six Feet Below Zero has such a crazy premise of Great Grammy being stored in a freezer until their aunt can get back from parts unknown and take care of them that you would think this could be in the fantasy genre. But it really is a look at family dynamics and how close siblings can be. Jones combines the perfect amount of comedy that helps to tone down the serious nature of the book.

Add in a new best friend for Rosie, puppies, a creepy door in the basement, and a man looking for a particular grave and be prepared for a good time reading.


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