Title: An Eggnog to Die For
Author: Amy Pershing
Series: Cape Cod Foodie Mystery #2
Publisher: Berkley Publishing
Release Date: November 9, 2021
Pages: 320
Book Source: Netgalley

“Professional foodie Samantha Barnes has a simple Christmas list: a quiet holiday at home with her dog and a certain handsome harbor master; no embarrassing viral videos; and no finding dead bodies. Unfortunately she’s got family visiting, she’s spending a lot of time in front of the camera, and she’s just stumbled over the lifeless body of the town’s Santa Claus.

Plus, Sam’s plans for Christmas Eve are getting complicated. There’s the great eggnog debate among her very opinionated guests. There’s the “all edible” Christmas tree to decorate. And there’s her Feast of the Five Fishes to prepare. Nonetheless, Sam finds herself once again in the role of sleuth. She needs to find out who slayed this Santa—but can she pull off a perfect feast and nab a killer?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

The Holiday season is here and you need to add An Eggnog to Die For by Amy Pershing to your TBR pile, as well as get gift copies for any cozy mystery lovers that you know!

In book two of the Cape Cod Foodie Mysteries we are able to reconnect with all the great characters from book one, A Side of Murder, and are introduced to some new characters including Samantha’s parents and the brother-sister duo who are running the chic, new restaurant in town.

While Pershing excels with character development, what really delights me with this series is all the cooking scenes and recipes, and the reno/interior design Sam is doing to the house that she inherited from her aunt. Sam’s mom finds some treasures in the house that will make any Antiques Roadshow fan swoon, and it’s a wonderful find since Sam is a bit low on funds.

As with most cozies there is a romantic aspect, and in this series it’s Jason, the Harbormaster. Their relationship is progressing, and Jason’s gift to Sam towards the end of the book is the sweetest ever… but, for the love of whatever you believe in, they need to communicate more. I’m not saying they need to finish each other’s sentences, but….

Finally there’s the mystery, and this one was very well written with some red herrings. And while the suspects were few and far between at first, the more Sam talked with people around town the more she found out that Santa had been a very, very naughty boy.

I’m looking forward to seeing what wonderful recipes and interior design Pershing comes up with for book three in the Cape Cod Foodie Mysteries, as well as reconnecting with all of her fantastic characters!


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