For the month of October, I joined a 31 Days of Horror Movies challenge. But book, wine, and tea reviews will be back in November.


Darkroom (2013)

Here’s another one that I have a question about. At the beginning Michelle (at least that’s who I think it is) is in a closet and the kid finds her, and asks her what she is doing there. She replies, “You drove me here.”

So I’m thinking it was Daniel as a young boy. But it just is really bizarre, and makes no sense to me…

Oh well, otherwise it was really good. It was a bit slow with the counseling sessions and when Michelle was going to different jobs. But once she was at the house for a photo shoot, thinks got nice and bloody. Good psychological and physical torture scenes.

A couple of times Michelle annoyed me. Break the TV already and attack your captures when they come in. But she redeemed herself at the end.

If you enjoy torture and gore, then this one is a winner.

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