Title: Inherit the Stars
Author: Tony Peak
Publisher: ROC Publishers
Release Date: November 3, 2015
Pages: 464
Book Source: Advanced Readers Copy


Wanderlust runs in Kivita Vondir’s blood. She dreamed of salvaging like her father when she was young, and now it’s her addiction, getting her through pit stops filled with cheap alcohol and cheaper companionship and distracting her from her broken heart.

Her latest contract to hunt down a fabled gemstone is exactly the kind of adventure she craves. But this job is more than meets the eye. For one thing, her duplicitous employer has hired rebel Sar Redryll—Kivita’s former lover—to stop her at any cost. For another, Kivita’s recovery of the relic unleashes in her powerful new abilities. Abilities that everyone in the Cetturo Arm—human, alien, and in-between—desperately wishes to control…

As she avoids a massive galactic manhunt, Kivita teams up with two unlikely allies: Sar and his enigmatic new partner. Only, as the gem’s mysteries are revealed and danger draws near, Kivita begins to wonder if her ex has truly changed, or if he’s just waiting for the right moment to betray her once again…

My Review:

Thanks to being part of the Ace/ROC street team, I’ve been reading more Science Fiction, and enjoying the great selections they are sending. Inherit the Stars by Tony Peak was another excellent read.

From the last paragraph in the description it makes it sound like this is more of a romance then space adventure. While there is some romantic elements, to me this was more of a fast-paced space adventure with lots of side plots and back stabbing. And I was eagerly turning the page to find out what would happen next.

At first I got a bit of an Indiana Jones adventure vibe mixed with Firefly. Kivita reminded me a bit of Jane from the TV show. Then it turned into an epic space odyssey with a bit of Mad Max thrown in when we met the pirates.

I feel as if I write too much it would give away various parts of the plot. I want this review to go on and on, to let you know how awesome the book is, and that you need to read it.

Instead I’ll just say; Go get yourself a copy, take a couple of days off from work, and enjoy this awesome Sci-Fi novel.

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