My husband and I will be going on a six night vacation next week.

We are headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to an all inclusive resort.

Our last big vacation was five years ago, so I am more than ready.

Some people love to go on lots of adventures. I prefer a more low key vacation.


Reading in a whirlpool.

I read all the time, but our bathtub is tiny, and this is such a luxury to me.

Photo from Getty Images.


I love to swim. Being able to choose from a gorgeous pool or the ocean, makes me happy.

This is an image of the actual pool we’ll be swimming in.

Photo from Melia Vacation Club


Getting to try lots of different food and drinks. Everyone has at least one vice, and mine is eating.

Picture from Melia Vacation Club


I love animals, and enjoy getting to see different wild life.

These little cuties are all over the resort’s grounds.

Picture from Trip Advisor


Take our own tour around the city, and exploring where ever we want to go.

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