Title: Snakes on a Plane
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Release Date: August 18, 2006
Rating: R
Time: 106 minutes


A key witness to an execution must be flown from Hawaii to Los Angeles in order to testify in an organized crime case. But a cold-blooded assassin will stop at nothing to make sure he doesn’t arrive and unleashes hundreds of venomous snakes on board, causing chaos and death.

My Review:

This cult classic was on at my step-dad’s house last time we went to visit, so I decided to give it another watch. My step-dad and husband had never seen it, so it was fun listening to their reactions.

The movie starts off slowly, and it’s probably a good half an hour before the snakes finally get loose, but after that it’s slapstick comedy/horror. Snakes coming out of toilets and overhead compartments, and baggage barricades holding the snakes off, until it doesn’t any more.

If you’re looking for an artistic or thought provoking horror movie, you’re out of luck. But if you just want to sit back, and laugh at all the ways snakes can attack humans, then this film is perfect. I enjoyed this movie, and if you’re a fan of Sharknado or Tremors,  I think it’s a good bet you’ll like this one too.

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