Title: Joyful Living
Author: Amy Leigh Mercree
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Release Date: October 8, 2016
Pages: 360
Book Source: eBook


Experience joy each day and equip yourself for the ups and downs of life with Joyful Living, a practical roadmap to achieving inner and outer happiness. Using a mindful and balanced approach, Amy Leigh Mercree presents over a hundred ways to enliven your spirit and step into the blissful life you desire. Featuring affirmations, exercises, inspirational stories, and more,

Joyful Living’s uplifting entries are easy to use and can be enjoyed in any order. Explore a variety of themes from spiritual ecstasy to attitudes of gratitude to creative inspiration. Apply mindfulness techniques and work toward greater awareness of the present moment. With this book’s guidance, you can calm your busy life and focus on the joyful world around you.

My Review:

While I enjoyed this book, there were a couple of things I wish would have been added, and even taken away. I did read this book on my Kindle, so the print edition may be different, but I wish there had been pictures included. I think it would have added to the serenity of the book. Or when she talked about various projects to make, taking pictures of the various steps (even though everyone’s final project will be different), or just showing Amy Leigh Mercree’s end product.

The other thing was that I felt some of the suggestions were very close to previous suggestions. I imagine this was to fulfill the 101 requirement, but in this case, I do believe less could have been more. Perhaps doing 50 or 52 (to correlate with the weeks in the year) entries.

A nice thing about the book was that you could pick and choose what you wanted to do, and if you need to focus on certain parts of your life, she had those areas separated for easy reference. Also the beginning projects were more vague, and as you continued in the book they became more spiritual, which I liked. Here though, maybe this book could have been two books, one for the general public and one for those more in touch with their spiritual side.

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